Howdy friend, I’m Taylor Murchison.

I use this space for sharing thoughts on inbound digital marketing, and personal & business growth. Have a look around, and holler at me anytime.

Some backstory


Writes a paper stating that soon there would be no need for physical books thanks to the internet. English teacher gives it a B because it’s not realistic.


Starts digital marketing in AdSense / AdWords arbitrage. In Palo Alto. lol.


Builds first website for paying client. Also starts a stint as an oil and gas lease analyst.


Creates micro-agency focused on local SEO and web dev.


Begins working with larger agencies, structuring SEO teams.


Realizes it’s time to start sharing wisdom, so here we are…

What I’m doing now

  • Ops & Biz Dev at RicketyRoo
  • Sharing thoughts here on the blog (meh)
  • Trying to overcome shiny object syndrome

What I’m always doing

  • Loving life with my wife and kids
  • Enjoying time on the ranch (seen in the background)
  • Chillin’